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What Does the Agency Protection System Cover?

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Protecting IP During the New Business Process

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Legal Issues in the Agency-Client Relationship

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Legal Issues In the Agency-Freelancer, Vendor Relationship

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The Branding Process And Trademark Considerations

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Content Marketing and Social Media – Keeping it All Legal

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Digital Marketing Issues

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“How should the agency legally manage its freelancer and vendor relationships?”

“Should we help our branding clients with the trademark due diligence process to protect their new brands? How?”

“What should we do to protect the agency during a new business pitch?”

“We keep reinventing the wheel every time we create a new proposal or contract with our clients….what details should be in these documents? Should we just sign the Client’s contract? Where can we find examples of client contract documents?”

If any of these questions are familiar, the Legal + Creative Agency Protection System can help your Agency today.

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